Blonde Across the Pond Review

“I really liked Chakra – it is small and intimate, perfect for date night and the service is lovely. The starters really wowed me both in presentation and in taste and I greatly enjoyed the mains as well. For a really enjoyable meal that you know is going to taste great, I recommend Chakra.”

18 April 2017 Blonde Across the Pond

“Head Chef Tai Khan’s new menu takes fusion cuisine and bold combinations to new heights… For MD Arjun Varma, Chakra Indian Restaurant is yet another feather in the cap catering to a global clientele who not only appreciate the restaurant but also their much in demand events catering.”

6 October 2016 Travels for Taste

Travels for Taste Review
Citrus Spice Review

“… I was totally taken back at how different it was compared to other Indian Restaurants. Chakra have 15 years of experience behind them, they have used creativity and flair from artisan chefs and given Indian food a modern fine dining twist.”

30 September 2016 Citrus Spice

“What I love about Indian cuisine is the marriage of spices and flavours to create a sensual and mindful experience of the places the dishes come from. What I do not like is food that is too hot… Chakra comes from the first point – a really enjoyable foodie experience.”

24 September 2016 Heidi Roberts Kitchen Talk

Heidi Roberts Kitchen Talk Review
Blogs by FA Review

“I really enjoyed dining at Chakra and the modern twists to the basic Indian dishes made the whole experience even more delightful. If you're a fan of Indian food but are looking for something different, then Chakra is definitely the place to be.”

6 September 2016 Blogs by FA

“Head to Chakra for an authentic Indian dining experience in the heart of London, and let the friendly staff make you feel welcome while the chef delights you with unexpected yet surprisingly familiar food. It will be an evening to remember.”

19 August 2016 Cooking with Monisha

Cooking with Monisha Review
Cake + Whisky Review

“… A stunning Indian feast, representative of the diversity of food across the Indian subcontinent and worthy of the Royal Maharajah kitchens Chakra takes its inspiration in.”

30 July 2016 Cake + Whisky

“We had an absolutely stunner of an evening at Chakra; the food and atmosphere were fantastic… This is certainly far more elegant than your usual curry house but it doesn’t take itself too seriously, the restaurant is a welcoming neighbourhood gem.”

29 July 2016 Connie Consumes

Connie Consumes Review
Quiet Eating Review

“I arrived at Chakra imagining a faithful repeat of the last mildly inedible Indian cuisine I had had. I need not have worried… Scrumptious food, a calming and peaceful setting and particularly impressive plating.”

28 July 2016 Quiet Eating

“A relaxing and tranquil space where time seemed to disappear through excitement and enjoyment. It’s a lovely place and compared to other Indian restaurants in London it offers not only good food and drink but something just that little bit different.”

28 June 2016 The Foodaholic

The Foodaholic Review
Binny's Kitchen Review

“The whole experience was wonderful and I really enjoyed the modern twists and unusual choices on the menu. If you love Indian flavours but are looking for something different to your usual curry establishments this is a novel and very different restaurant and one I really recommend trying.”

27 June 2016 Binny's Kitchen

“Chakra is a semi-casual fine dining venue that’s cozy and great for date nights… The presentation of each dish [was amazing].”

22 June 2016 Amazing Food and Travel

Amazing Food and Travel Review
Her Favourite Food Review

“I had a lovely experience at Chakra. There was a great buzz in the little restaurant and everyone seemed delighted with their food as was I.”

10 June 2016 Her Favourite Food

“Overall, the meal we had at Chakra was absolutely fantastic… The atmosphere was wonderful, and the food was Indian fine dining at its, well, finest!”

4 June 2016 The Swindian

The Swindian Review
Manju Malhi Review

“Under the helm of Arjun Verma, Chakra is a reassuring and reliable restaurant that cares about the food and the value of it’s clientele. It takes note of diners, their eclectic palates and personal preferences and continues to evolve with fresh and tasty ideas.”

3 June 2016 Manju Malhi

“I loved the intimacy of Chakra… It is elegant and intimate – the sort of place I’d love for a date evening – and the food is utterly delicious. Go while you can still get a table.”

1 June 2016 London Unattached

London Unattached Review
The Hedonist Review

“The menu at Chakra makes innovative use of ingredients and isn’t afraid to venture across food cultures into new territories... The cooking and spicing has a classical precision without sacrificing flavour.”

25 May 2016 The Hedonist

“The location may have changed but I was pleased to find that the quality of the food was as good as ever. This is not your run of the mill Tandoori restaurant.”

20 May 2016 By-Invitation

By Invitation Review
Life of Shayan Review

“Chakra brings fine dining to the Indian food scene... When you visit go for something a bit different as the chef here is aiming to impress. Expect good quality and good portions.”

18 May 2016 Life of Shayan

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