Among The Most Lauded
Indian Restaurants In London

Chakra has been praised in a number of publications and we
have shared the experiences of our reviewers with you.

“Gorgeous food, with
beautiful presentation”

Read what reputed food critics have to say about Chakra and dine with us
to find out why we are a pioneer In London’s Indian dining scene. A gem of a restaurant
that you will want to visit, again and again.

“Amazing Views”


“This Kingston sequel to the original Chakra in Kensington boasts enviable views of the Thames and reflects its Indian heritage, with a jewel tone colour palette which mixes emerald greens, golds and purples. Open for lunch and dinner, the menu includes signature dishes such as lamb rogan josh, and Kashmiri lamb cooked with ginger, chilli and saffron.

Come the weekend, brunch is available (from 9am), featuring a chilli cheese toastie and a suitably spicy masala omelette (amongst other items). If the weather’s nice, we’d recommend heading to the outdoor terrace, where you can really make the most of the amazing views.”

“the service is brilliantly friendly”

…the fried okra are thin, beautifully crisp and nudging just up against the limits of how much salt you can put in your mouth without crying — phenomenal as an aperitivo snack to pad out your beer or cocktail.


And the Punjabi samosas with chickpeas and tamarind are surprise powerhouses of crunch and richness, soaked in thick sauce and oily in all the best ways…the service is brilliantly friendly… beautiful terrace, nice views, and some dazzling starters and sides.”


The Londonist

“Chakra Restaurant is Kensington’s best-kept secret. Part of the restaurant’s charm lies in its concealment from public view, but this should not dissuade new faces from visiting. But for those who cannot muster the strength to leave their house, fear not: they deliver too.”

KCW Today

“something just that

  little bit different”

“Chakra is admittedly a strange name for a restaurant, naming itself after the seven colours of spiritual awakening of health and well-being – but once you visit this Kensington institution you’ll realise just why.

One sunny early evening we took a seat on the terrace in this restaurants shiny new location. A relaxing and tranquil space where time seemed to disappear…it’s a lovely place and compared to other Indian restaurants in London it offers not only good food and drink but something just that little bit different.”


The Foodaholic