The Story behind Some of Chakra’s Most Popular Summer Dishes

Posted on 21st August 2017

Three samosas on a plate

Indian food is the perfect food to enjoy in the warm summer months. At Chakra, we change our menu seasonally to reflect the changing tastes of our palates as the year rolls round. Even though it is now possible to get most produce all year round, we like to make the most of seasonal produce. Here’s the story behind some of the most popular items on our summer menu.

Triangular Traveller: The Samosa

The earliest literary references to the samosa come from the Middle East. The triangles of stuffed pastry migrated to India over 500 years ago. An important document from the Mughal era, written in about 1590, includes (amongst the musings on Hindu philosophy, science and literature) a very modern sounding samosa recipe and notes that the residents of Hindustan still call it the Sanbusah.

At Chakra, our Punjabi Samosas come with a Gujarati kachori filled with peas and served with a tamarind chutney.

Taste of Tandoori: Lahori Lamb Kebab 

Traditionally, the Tandoor was a communal oven that was shared by a community. The ovens reach a ferocious heat – one must be a skilled chef to use a tandoor oven. That’s not a problem in our kitchen, where our chefs use the tandoor to prepare a variety of dishes including our popular Lahori lamb kebabs inspired by the cuisine of Lahore in Punjab Pakistan – cultural home of the tandoor oven.

Turmeric Tilapia: Bengal Fish curry

Tilapia is a delicious river fish with a delicate flavour that works well with spices. The fish is eaten all over the world, but is not as popular in the UK as it deserves to be. We hope diners at our Kensington restaurant will be spreading the word about this fish. We serve it infused with mustard and turmeric in a creamy tomato gravy.

Tingling Taste buds: Chakra Channa Masala

We have five popular vegetarian main courses to choose from on our menu this summer. For those who enjoy their spice, we recommend this dish of tea blackened chick-peas slow cooked with our special Chakra mix of masalas. We’d love you to come and sample our take on this traditional street food.

Outdoor Dining Area 

Our Kensington restaurant has an outdoor dining area. You are welcome to book a table to dine outside this summer. To book a table of up to 4 people, simply fill out the online booking form. For tables of five or more and for larger parties, kindly call the restaurant on 020 7229 2115.

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