The Indian Food Map: different cuisine throughout India

Posted on 11th September 2015

Indian Food Map
When you think of Indian food, you might think of curries, vindaloo, and naan bread — but actually, it's so much more than that. Indian cuisine varies from region to region, and as any traveller to the subcontinent knows, you'll experience a very different kind of food if you visit the south of India or the north. At Chakra, we love the tastes of India, so here's our rough guide to the Indian food map.

East Indian Cuisine

The staples of the East Indian diet are rice and fish, thanks to the natural fresh water sources in the region. The most popular fish is Hilsa, which is often served as a fish curry (Ilish Machher Johl) in mustard gravy in Bengal, but Rohu and Vetki are also eaten. Eastern India has more of a sweet tooth than any other area of India: Rasgulla, a syrupy dessert, is a delicacy in West Bengal, and Mishti Doi, a sweet yoghurt, is a famous Bengali sweet.

West Indian Cuisine

Fish is also abundant in West India. In the coastal areas of Maharashtra and Goa, sea fish are marinated in spices. Goa is a state traditionally influenced by Portugal, and its exotic varieties of crab and prawn are a must try. Gujarat is the best state to visit for vegetarian cuisine, as many Jains live in the region. In Gujurat and Mumbai, you can indulge in Dhokla, Pav Bhaji, and Bhelpuri.

North Indian Cuisine

Most Indian restaurants outside of the subcontinent serve recipes from the north of India. Come here and you'll find some of your favourites: Rotis, butter-based Curries, Chappatis, Kebabs, Biriyanis, and Samosas. The 500-year rule of the Mughals, originally from Central Asia, means that North Indian cuisine is similar to Central Asian cooking; Biriyanis and Kebabs are also popular in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

South Indian Cuisine

Most South Indian recipes use coconut oil, giving the food a tropical flavour. In Tamil Nadu, you can try Chettinad cuisine, one of the spiciest and most aromatic cuisines in India. You can also try Idly, Dosa, Vada and Uttapams.

India has 28 states, each with its own cuisines and flavours. At Chakra, we serve only authentic Indian recipes to give you a real taste of this vibrant country. If hearing about all this delicious food has got your mouth watering, why not take a look at our menu?

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