Sweet Treats of the Holi Festival

Posted on 2nd March 2018

Foods eaten during the Holi festival

Today in India and all over the world, Holi festival is being celebrated in a riot of colour. Clouds of colourful powder is thrown and danced in to celebrate the beginning of spring and the triumph of good over evil, in a tradition that dates back to the 4th century. The colourful celebrations are a familiar sight here in the UK, where adverts for Sony and Nikon, music videos for bands like Coldplay and even fun runs have co-opted the vibrant festival. The Hindu festival may be well known for how it is celebrated, but do you know what traditional dishes are eaten for the festival? 

Sweet Treats 

Holi is about having lots of fun, celebrating life and the coming of spring. That means that a lot of the foods associated with the festival are sweet, fresh and vibrant. Gujiyas – small pastry dumplings filled with a shredded coconut, dates, sultanas and nuts are a favourite, like a little Cornish pasty with a deliciously sweet and sticky centre. 

Puran Poli are known by all Indians, eaten in every region and a sweet treat enjoyed by all. Puran Poli is a thin flat bread, stuffed with a sweet and spiced lentil filling, served hot with ghee they are often mistaken for pancakes! Colourful sweets made of milk, almost like a fudge, are made for special occasions and are given as gifts to friends and loved ones. 

Lassi is a drink enjoyed all year round, a thick and sweet yoghurt based drink flavoured with spices and fruits, with mango lassi probably the most popular of all. During Holi it’s common to add spirits to lassi, with a rum and mango cocktail a particular favourite! 

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