Indian Food and Cobra Beer: The Perfect Partnership

Posted on 21st July 2017

Bottles of cobra beer

In today’s blog, we’re celebrating one of the great culinary partnerships. A food and a drink that are famously perfectly matched. We’re talking of course about spicy Indian food and cold lager beer. From this month, we’ll be giving away 2 bottles of Cobra beer on deliveries over £20. Let’s find out a little more about why these two seem to go together so well.


How Beer Came to India 

During the days of the British Empire, the thousands of military personnel and civil servants that emigrated from England to work in India quickly got a taste for the local food. However, they missed their national drink: ale. Brewers began brewing a highly hopped pale ale with few residual sugars that could survive the long voyage. This became known as India Pale Ale or IPA and variants remain popular to this day.

Late Night Fare 

In 1960s Britain, all the pubs closed at 11 o’clock. This was a law that was strictly enforced, but it did not apply to restaurants. Compared to now, there weren’t many Indian restaurants in England, but some of them had the idea of staying open later to cater for those who fancied a late drink and a bite to eat – furthering the association between beer and curry. Less adventurous people could be persuaded to try something new (and discover that they liked it) after a few pints. 

Cobra Beer

Cobra was first brewed in 1989. Its inventor, Karan Bilimoria, wanted a beer that was smoother than most lagers available at the time. He recognised that finer bubbles and a rich malty taste would appeal to both lager and ale drinkers and would perfectly complement the spicy dishes served in an Indian restaurant. The imported Indian beer quickly became a favourite in Indian restaurants up and down the UK. In the mid-1990s, Bilimoria set up a brewery manufacturing Cobra in Burton-on-Trent.  

Our Special Offer

At Chakra, we know we would be nothing without our customers. Over the years, we have built up a loyal base of regulars, both in the restaurant and those who use our takeaway services. We like to show our appreciation with a little gift in your delivery package. Alongside your mouthwatering Indian takeaway, we will be throwing in two bottles of Cobra beer on orders over £20.  

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