How Do You Remove Turmeric Stains From Clothes?

Posted on 16th March 2018

Tumeric Spices

Indian food is renowned for its use of spices to bring riots of flavour to every dish, but while a curry tastes amazing it doesn’t always look so good worn on your clothes. If you’ve ever gotten turmeric on your clothes or a table cloth you’ll know how every tiny particle of the ground spice fully embeds itself and refuses to wash off. But don’t fear, we’re experienced in the art of removing turmeric stains and are here to show you how to do it yourself. 

Speed is of the Essence

The quicker you get to the stain the better. Carefully scoop off the dropped spoonful or dhal or curry, removing any excess without rubbing into the cloth, doing it as quick as possible stops it from soaking into the fabric. Don’t scrub the fabric – this will spread the stain and work it deeper into the fibres of the fabric!  

If You’re at Home

Take off the garment and pour a little fabric detergent onto the stain and leave it for around 15 minutes or per the manufacturer’s instructions, then wash as normal on a 30° wash. 

If You’re at a Restaurant

Don’t panic - ask your waiter for a slice or two of lemon! If you can take the item of clothing off without causing a scene, head to the loos and ask your waiter for some lemon. Scoop off the spillage as above and use the fresh lemon juice as natural bleach. Squeeze the lemon juice onto the stain and leave for around 15 minutes, before giving it a little rinse. Wash the garment as normal as soon as you get home. 

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