Healthy Indian Recipes to Kick Off Your 2016

Posted on 4th January 2016

After indulging over Christmas, many of us are starting the New Year with a resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you (like us!) love a curry, it might seem like a hard resolution to keep – but healthy food can be just as delicious as the full-fat alternatives. Take a look at these healthy Indian recipes that are just as nice and keep the spice!

Chickpea Curry

Chickpeas should be a superfood – we love them at Chakra. Full of protein, fibre, iron and zinc, a chickpea curry is perfect if you feel like some healthy winter stodge! Combine chickpeas with red peppers, tomatoes and dillweed for a vegan-friendly meal.

Lighter Chicken Balti

If a balti is your go-to takeaway favourite, try making it at home for a fraction of the cost (and a fraction of the fat)! Get all the flavour with chilli powder, cinnamon, cumin, lime juice, paprika and coriander, and throw in generous amounts of onion, tomato, pepper, and spinach to help you towards your 5 a day.

Lentil Soup

Soup is a fantastic diet food, especially for this time of year. There’s nothing quite like them for filling you up on a cold day. Lentils are nutrient-dense, but contain hardly any calories, making Indian lentil soup a perfect healthy winter warmer.

We hope these recipes will give you a bit of healthy inspiration for the New Year. Happy New Year from everyone at Chakra – do come in and visit us in 2016!

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