Dish of the Week: Tandoori Paneer

Posted on 25th September 2015

At Chakra, we love giving people a real taste of Indian cooking, and our large selection of vegetarian meals means that everyone can enjoy our food. Every dish we serve, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, is an authentic Indian dish, like our new Dish of the Week: the Tandoori Paneer.

Paneer is a soft and crumbly Indian cheese with a mild, fresh flavour. You might think that is used as an alternative to chicken, but Tandoori Paneer is a dish in its own right. Marinated in fragrant spices, paneer soaks up the flavours beautifully, and vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike love it. Paneer is also high in protein, making it a healthy choice for a starter.

At Chakra, we marinate our paneer in yellow masala and mixed spices, and cook it in our clay oven. The traditional clay tandoor gives food a rich, smoky flavour, paying homage to the origins of Indian cuisine. It’s a succulent dish with a spicy aroma, sure to get your tastebuds ready for a delicious full Indian meal.

If you’d like to try our Tandoori Paneer, then book a table today or order it from Chakra to Go. If we haven’t tickled your fancy, our Indian menu has a feast of vegetarian treats just like this one. We’re sure you’ll a fantastic dining experience at Chakra, whatever you choose.

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