Dish of the Week: Prawn Koliwada

Posted on 17th September 2015

At Chakra we’re proud of our authentic Indian menu, inspired by traditional recipes from across the Indian subcontinent. But every now and again, we like to shine a light on a dish that’s just that little bit extra special. This week, it’s our stunning Prawn Koliwada starter.

A typical dish of the coastal regions of western India, Prawn Koliwada originated from the Sion fishing village or ‘koliwada’ in Mumbai, created by a North Indian immigrant from Punjab – or so the story goes. Prawn Koliwada is easily recognised by the signature red colour of the deep-fried prawns, which comes from the Kashmiri red chilli powder used in the batter. 

A spicy, moreish recipe, we think it’s the perfect way to get your tastebuds going and start off a meal; that’s why we’ve come up with our own twist on the Prawn Koliwada for our starter menu. We coat the prawns in a roasted garlic, ginger and coriander red batter, then deep fry them for that classic juicy, crunchy texture. It’s a hot, aromatic dish served with a green chilli and garlic yoghurt for dipping – because we believe that even high-class dining should include finger food.

With any spicy dish, you’ll need an accompanying wine to cleanse your palette between bites. We recommend the Prosecco Salatin Extra Dry. This Italian wine is beautifully aromatic, with hints of jasmine accenting a fruity apple flavour. Zesty, acidic tones make it very refreshing, a wonderful companion to seafood starters. As the cold weather starts to bite, this wine is a little taste of the summer.

If you’re tempted to try our Prawn Koliwada, make your reservation today – or try it in your own home as part of our Chakra to Go menu. This fantastic recipe is just one of our authentic Indian dishes: check out the full selection on our menu.

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