Dish of the Week: Chakra Black Cod

Posted on 28th September 2015

This September, we’ve been letting you in to a few Chakra secrets and revealing some of our favourite dishes. This week, it’s the turn of a true Chakra classic – the Chakra Black Cod.

Black cod, or sablefish, is a hearty white-meat fish. We've always thought it works perfectly roasted in our authentic Tandoor oven, as it becomes infused with a smoky flavour without going dry. Many people don’t associate Indian food with fish dishes, but the subcontinent is a peninsula and fish is a staple of the south Indian diet. There are countless ways to prepare fish – curries, grilling, steaming, biryanis – but a tandoori is one of the most sophisticated and delicious.

At Chakra, we marinate the black cod in lime juice and a cracked pepper yoghurt. Fish is more delicate than most meats, so it soaks up the flavours beautifully – every bite has a little zing of lime with a pepper kick. Our traditional Tandoor oven adds that finishing touch; the slightly bitter smoky taste that offsets the sweetness of the lime.

The Chakra Black Cod is a delicious main course, available exclusively on our Chakra to Go menu. Available 7 days a week, Chakra to Go is the easiest way to experience Indian fine dining from the comfort of your own home. Go on – treat yourself.

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