A Guide to Starters at Chakra

Posted on 14th December 2016

starters at chakra

The starter is one of the most important elements of a meal. It sets the tone for your evening, tempting you to try more. We take a look at the history of starters, and how we use them at Chakra.

The History of Starters

It is thought that the tradition of having a smaller dish before a main meal originated in Russia, and then spread across Europe. It was the French who really made the idea famous, making the entrée and hors d’oeuve part of their cuisine during the Middle Ages. The French aristocracy (who, thanks for William the Conqueror, were our aristocracy) brought it to England, along with other culinary customs and words that we still use today. Omelette, mutton, pastry, and cuisine are just a few examples, some of which have been Anglicised.

During Victorian and Edwardian times, society dinner parties often featured four courses. A range of soups, fish and meat was served during the entrées; guests were not expected to eat each dish but pick the ones they wanted. At Chakra, we take our approach to starters from this tradition, and recommend that guests share a few starters between them. Our starter dishes usually consist of several bite-sized pieces, making it easy for guests to try a little bit of everything.

Starters in Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine varies widely from region to region, and season by season as different produce becomes more bountiful. However, Indian dining almost always involves eating food with hands rather than cutlery, using flatbreads to scoop up rice and sauce. At Chakra, we are inspired by the traditions of the Royal Maharajah kitchen, where rich feasts of every food under the Indian sun were served. We want to bring an authentic taste of that experience to our guests. 

Starters at Chakra

Our starters are some of our best-loved dishes. Since opening our Kensington restaurant in February, we’ve become famous for them. Our Tandoori Tiger Prawns are a must-try; every food blogger talks about them after visiting us. They’re one of our signature dishes, and a fantastic way to tantalise your tastebuds at the start of your meal. Meanwhile, our Crispy Avocado Spheres and Tandoori Paneer are a favourite with vegetarian and meat-loving guests alike.

starters at chakra

Visit Chakra this winter and try our sumptuous starters. We’ve even introduced a few new dishes especially for the autumn/winter season, including Pheasant Tikka and Lamb Chop. Book your table for Christmas online, or call us on 020 7229 2115.

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