Some New Changes Ahead At Chakra

Posted on 7th November 2014

As time moves on and we inch closer towards Christmas, so too must times move on at Chakra. In the near future there are going to be some changes afoot at Chakra as we look to improve the restaurant and catering service, ensuring our customers have the best possible dining experience.

The biggest changes that we are making are to layout of our restaurant. We are planning on transforming the front room of the restaurant into a general bar area, allowing customers to pop-in for a drink before they sit down to dine. Also, our VIP dining service is going to be at the forefront of our minds as we concentrate on improving the service in the conservatory. Finally, we are going to be providing outdoor tables and chairs complete with shisha pipes.

Alongside our layout changes we are also making new additions to the food and drink that we offer. There is going to be a brand new bar menu to go alongside our new bar area and we are going to be launching an all new a la carte menu - don't worry though, all your old favourites will feature but be supported by amazing new additions.

With all these changes happening in the near future Chakra is sure to evolve for the better. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information and photos as we proceed forward.

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