Introducing the Stella Alpina Pinot Grigio

Posted on 22nd May 2014

Whilst the Alto Adige wine growing region may be comparatively small, it offers a unique variety of grape which makes for distinctive wines. Situated in the far North of Italy, its vineyards line either side the valley formed by the River Adige and has built up an excellent reputation for producing high quality, aromatic wines.

With 5,300 hectares of wine growing zones, the region produces around 20 different varieties of grape; helping to provide an average annual yield of around 3.9 million cases of wine. Occupying approximately 58% percent of the area, the white grape varieties are vinified into some of the finest wines. Gewüeztraminer, Pinot Blanco and Chardonnay are some of the most popular white wines to come out of this region; as well as the Pinot Grigio.

We are currently serving two Pinot Grigio wines; one of which is the 2012 Stella Alpina Pinot Grigio. This wine is in a different league to your standard Italian Pinot Grigio, balancing a rich, pure palate of melon, peach and pear for a crisp finish.

The Stella Alpina perfectly complements fresh tomato salads, seafood, shellfish, veal and poultry. If you are visiting Chakra it would make the ideal accompaniment to our version of the Punjab classic Jalandhar Chicken - tandoor grilled chicken simmered in a fine tomato and cream masala.

Our summer wine list includes over 80 of the highest quality wines and our staff have all been trained by our wine supplier, Majestic Wines, to offer you advice on choosing the best wine to accompany your meal; so don't hesitate to ask when ordering.

You can find out more about wines from the Alto Adige region in the video below:

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