Interviewing Arjun Part Two: Delving Deeper Into Chakra

Posted on 27th March 2015

This week we're picking up where we left off and delving a bit deeper into Chakra's history, and the life of its owner: Arjun.

So why did Mr. Varma choose Notting Hill for his new restaurant? Arjun says that, at the time, Notting Hill, despite being a popular and fashionable district, was severely lacking in fine-dining restaurants, particularly in the Indian sector. Moreover, the area was a thriving hub for bloggers and journalists who, he felt, would welcome the addition of some Indian fine dining. Luckily for them, Chakra arrived in Spring 2011 and has been delighting the locals' taste buds ever since.

Arjun believes that what sets Chakra apart from other Indian eateries is its sleek, chic, modern interior, as well as its staff – who are always friendly and relaxed. It goes without saying that Chakra's food is not only first-rate, but also authentic. The recipes used in the Chakra kitchen have been handed down through generations, with our chefs using the same cooking processes that their ancestors would have, such as cooking on a tandoor. Arjun also wanted Chakra to be a place where anyone could come, and so took great pains to design a menu which caters generously for the vegetarian and the gluten-free.

When pressed for a highlight in his impressive career, Arjun says it is hard to choose just one. If he had to – which he did – he says his proudest achievement has been some of the weddings Chakra have catered. With this business, Arjun has managed to carve a niche in the market for delivering Michelin-star service to hundreds of people. Some of Chakra's weddings have numbered up to 5000 people, and taken place over several days. Chakra's catering team have taken over the kitchens of some of the world's best 5 and 6-star hotels. No logistical nightmare for these pros! They've been doing top quality events for years, hosting occasions for everyone from businessmen to Royals, in locations all over the world, Rome, Florence, Versailles, New Delhi, Istanbul, Monaco...the list goes on!

The Varma brothers are both extremely proud of the community they have created. Arjun says that hiring such a huge cohort of staff was a great responsibility, considering that many of them moved from India and created new lives for themselves in London. He says it has been a great pleasure as well, though, watching these families flourish in their new homes and contribute so much to the British economy.

Now that you know our story, we hope you will come visit us at the restaurant and see what all the fuss is about first hand!

Arjun and team at award ceremony

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