Friday Night Is Takeaway Night!

Posted on 8th May 2015

For many of you it will have been a four day week, yet we are confident that for all of you the thought of knowing that the weekend is almost upon us is a massive relief. We all enjoy reaching that point in the week when you can go home, crack open a beer and order your favourite takeaway - all in the knowledge that there is no need to worry about work the next day.

Maybe it is just us, but in the UK there is something about Fridays and takeaways that just go hand in hand. For a lot of people money is still tight, but at the end of a long week we always seem to find a few quid to order in.

Did You Know? In the UK we spend on average £110 per person on takeaways every month - that's more than £1,300 per year!

And why do we do it? A study published in May of last year found that:

  • 1 in 4 people said they ordered take away because they felt too lazy to cook
  • 13% claimed they simply did not have the time to prepare a meal from scratch

Chakra to Go

So on those evenings when you do not have the energy to stand over a stove cooking for 45 minutes, or don't fancy a venturing beyond the front door, what is the answer? Chakra to Go.

Chakra to Go is our new home delivery service, allowing you to enjoy many of your favourite Chakra dishes in the comfort of your own home. Simply sit back in your favourite armchair, put your feet up and place your order. Before you know it you will be enjoying some of the most authentic Indian cuisine in London.

With a menu that features a vast array of starters, main dishes, rice, breads, sides and desserts, we are confident of having something to suit all palates. And what better way to finish off your meal than with a Peroni, a Kingfisher or a Cobra beer? That's right; we can even supply you with beer!

So if that is not a good enough reason to order in, then we don't know what is!

Chakra to go Menu

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