Chef Das Interview - Part 2

Posted on 25th September 2014

At Chakra we do not limit ourselves to a single region of India when it comes to drawing inspiration for our menus. Instead we seek to demonstrate the vast variation of flavour and styles that the many types of Indian cooking have to offer. In today's post we continue our interview with Das, Chakra's head chef and innovator.

He explains how Chakra's menu is devised: “India is such a vast country, in terms of size, culture and people, all of which translates into many variations of cuisines and provides the inspiration needed for our highly diverse menu”.

We asked if he has a favourite dish out of those found on the a la carte menu.

“For a meat option I love Jalandar Chicken, a Punjab classic where the chicken is tandoor grilled before being simmered in a fine tomato and cream masala. Or for something less rich but equally fragrant, our Pataala Chaap is a delicious red-meat option. We cure fresh English Lamb in a garam masala & lemon yoghurt marinade with a hint of cardamom. This dish is one of our Maharajah kitchen inspired dishes, specifically the Royal Kitchen of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. Then if I was to recommend one of our vegetarian dishes I always have the Chakra Channa. It's how we do chickpeas here at chakra, which results in them being blackened due to the spices we use and the masala tempering.”

Further to a wide variety of regional Indian cuisine Chakra provides worldwide cuisine catering.

Das says “It is one of the best opportunities from working at Chakra. In addition to allowing me to develop menus based on perfect Indian cuisine I can explore wider palates and styles of cooking such as pan Asian, Lebanese Iranian and my personal favourites from the European continent.”

Look out for next week's blog post, where Das explains how Britain has influenced Chakra's cooking.

Chef Das

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