Chakra Events: A Wedding Like Never Before...

Posted on 11th November 2014

You may not know but Chakra also runs a highly successful events service in addition to our London restaurant.

We can provide you with a full range of Indian event services to ensure that your banquet, party or feast is a truly memorable occasion. This includes bespoke event management services that can add those vital elements to create a unique and majestic atmosphere, alongside private party and wedding caterers who have the ability to amaze the taste-buds of your guests. Finally our full scale event production team can deliver those all-important final touches - from the perfect venue through to a full complement of professional service staff.

Our private party and wedding caterers can create cuisine from all round the globe, perfect for any event. We have considerable skill working as Asian and Indian wedding caterers, and can create bespoke lavish feasts for these memorable events. Whether you are looking for Thai, Classic French or even old fashioned English food, we can provide your party with truly excellent cuisine.

Last week, we held a bespoke wedding in Chantilly, a town in northern France that is surrounded by a rich forest. It is a beautiful location, perfect for weddings with its stunning atmosphere and gorgeous scenery. Chantilly is barely more than 250 years old but has grown to become a small but thriving location with 11000 residents. There is plenty to see if you were to visit or if you would like to have your own wedding there.

We gave our wonderful bride and groom the experience of a life time by making sure that each and every detail was carefully crafted and chosen, from the design of the menu to the incredible decoration.

Check out the full gallery of pictures for yourselves on our Facebook page!

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