5 Health Pitfalls to Avoid with Indian Food

Posted on 10th January 2017

In Britain, Indian food is often seen as a treat. Across the country, thousands of curry houses and pubs serve up indulgent recipes, and we Brits love our creamy curries. The problem is, kormas, pasandas and masalas are milder in taste, but heavier in fat. Indian food is generally very healthy. A typical Indian diet includes a wide variety of spices, pulses, vegetables and fruit. Incorporating Indian ingredients and recipes into your diet can come with a number of health benefits – it’s a matter of making the right choices. Here are the pitfalls you need to avoid.

1. Many Indian dishes are prepared using ghee (clarified butter), which is very high in saturated fat. Try cooking with sunflower or vegetable oil instead.

2. It’s easy to think that bread is fairly healthy, but some kinds, such as peshwari naan, are surprisingly high in fat and sugar. Choose roti (also known as chapatti), which is made with wholemeal flour, as a low-calorie source of fibre.

Healthy Indian Recipes

3. Many people in the Indian subcontinent follow a vegetarian or vegan diet due to their religious beliefs or the regional availability of food. Cutting down on meat – even just once a week – can reduce your saturated fat intake, and there are thousands of delicious fish and vegetable-based Indian dishes to try.

4. Don’t forget your fruit. Exotic fruits are one of the great joys of an Indian diet. Enjoy mango, oranges, cantaloupe, pineapple, berries and guava as healthy snacks.

Healthy Indian Recipes

5. Pilau rice has added oil, which means it contains around twice the amount of calories as plain boiled rice. Meanwhile, brown basmati rice is packed with fibre.

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